Lys - Caramel Amber



Enjoy over 40 hours of combustion with the sweet fragrance of Grasse. This candle presents no danger to your health and is part of an eco-responsible* approach. The container is handmade by me.

Please note See below the olfactory description of each fragrance



Quality at every level


I take great care in choosing the raw materials I work with.


I work with soy wax and rapeseed wax. These two vegetable waxes are unique in that they emit no toxic substances or pollutants. Both come from responsible European agriculture (no pesticides, no GMOs), reducing carbon dioxide emissions and therefore their ecological impact. They are biodegradable, vegan and not tested on animals. Both waxes perfectly reproduce the fragrances I delicately incorporate during the manufacturing process.


The fragrances that make up the collections are not chosen at random, and I have also chosen to work closely with the Master Perfumers of Grasse. They are world-renowned for both their expertise and the quality of their fragrances. In fact, the perfumes I offer you contain no CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) or phthalates, and comply with European standards IFRA, CLP CE N°1907/2006, certified as safe.


For the candles, I use two types of wicks: cotton wicks - they are made from natural cotton and have undergone no chemical treatment - and FSC-certified (sustainable forest management) French beechwood wicks. I've chosen them so that they respect the same conditions as the wax and fragrance.


All the containers in which I pour the candles are handmade by me. The materials I use to make them are eco-responsible. They are highly heat-resistant and water-repellent. Once the candle is consumed, you can simply wash the container and reuse it for other purposes (pencil jar, cotton pot, jewelry box etc.).

All in all...

The candles I offer are 100% respectful of your health and the environment. If you'd like to know a little more about Hygge, I invite you to join me on instagram @hjemme_fr, where you'll find lots of information and anecdotes. Looking forward to meeting you With Love
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