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Birth of the idea

Hej! It was after a rather hectic period in my personal life and a number of changes that I was inspired to start making candles and accessories for the home. My Danish origins mean that I've always had a keen interest in interior design and the feeling of well-being you get from being at home.

Candles are ubiquitous in Danish culture, adorning every window in homes, stores and banks. They help create an instant sense of well-being and relaxation. I needed to find and feel comfort in my new environment.

So it's only natural that I should use this medium on a regular basis to fully experience what we call Hygge: that feeling of security, of being at home and that peaceful atmosphere that you can feel in the Danish home. As an avid candle consumer and mother of a baby, I wanted to create healthy candles and decorative accessories in line with my core values.

The company

That's when HJEMME was born! It's a Danish word meaning "Home".

At home? It can be your home, your car, your office, your vacation home or even your inner sanctum! Because home is everywhere and nowhere, Hjemme, through its Danish philosophy and its customization offer, accompanies you so that wherever you are, you feel that inexplicable well-being that is Hygge.

All the products I make are respectful of nature, but also of your health! The raw materials I use are eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

The candles

Hjemme is aimed at all those who regularly use candles, as well as those who use them occasionally. I want to bring you all my craftsmanship and offer you quality products.

I wanted to create candles with out-of-the-ordinary fragrances to surprise you. With their great olfactory qualities, they will subtly perfume your home while protecting your health and your environment.

If my little lights cross your path, I hope they bring you as much love, light and joy as I felt creating each one of them.

Decorative objects

The Hjemme universe also includes creations for your home!
Generally speaking, we recognize our home by the personal objects in it, which create the general atmosphere. Symbolic objects that sometimes evoke memories that make us feel good.

I want to offer you my creations that will make your cocoon unique. Through this business, I want to bring a little warmth into your home, and let you enjoy all the benefits of hygge on a daily basis.

It's a company I founded, and my ambition is to develop it according to my deepest values.

Hjemme corporate values



I also create my own colors and combinations of materials. Each creation is elegant and minimalist. From candles to decorative objects, each piece is unique. Each creation is a work of art with its own particularities, which is what gives it its charm.



All our raw materials are meticulously selected one by one to ensure that our candles and decorative objects are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. The entire creative process, from sourcing the raw materials, to creation, pouring, user's guide, packaging and shipping, is done/supported by myself.



Throughout the manufacturing process, fragrances, waxes, wicks, resin and the final product are tested and verified before being sent to you. Nothing is left to chance.



I make it a point of honor to work with raw materials from ethical, responsible and traceable sources. That's why all the materials I choose are of French and European origin.



It's essential for me to establish a trusting, sincere and lasting relationship with you and the partners I work with. It's important to me to establish a transparent and genuine relationship.



Respect for your health and your home, but also for the environment and all living things. All Hjemme creations are made with natural, plant-based materials, without GMOs or pesticides, eco-responsible and not tested on animals.

HJEmme creations

I take great care to ensure that all my creations are as respectful as possible of the environment, but also of you. Because it's difficult to live hygge without good health, the components used in my creations are carefully chosen to preserve yours.


  • Rapeseed wax
  • Soy wax
  • 100% plant-based


  • Untreated organic cotton


  • Reusable
  • Handmade


  • Parfums de Grasse

Danish philosophy of life

"It can mean taking part in an endless conversation to remake the world, or simply being comfortable in each other's company, without needing to talk, and even enjoying a moment to oneself alone with a cup of tea."

Meik Wiking - The Hygge book

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