What is Hygge?

Sharing / Conviviality

A family around a table sharing a good meal and wonderful anecdotes. You can hear the laughter, the side conversations, the knowing glances... The candles are at the center of this warm bubble that surrounds the members like a soft, positive aura.

Relaxation, tranquillity, return to oneself

We push open the door to our home after a long day at work. We shed our unwanted clothes and slip into slippers. The whistling kettle announces a comforting drink to be enjoyed by candlelight. Sitting back in your favorite armchair or corner of the sofa, you finally recharge your batteries.


State of mind / Art of living

Hygge can be enjoyed at any time of day. It's a philosophy, a life experience in itself. It's about bringing a little magic and comfort into the mundane moments of everyday life. A big scarf around the neck, a hygge-kaffe at work (hygge coffee break), the strings of lights that surround store windows as we often see at Christmas...

Interior design

Hygge is interior harmony. Elegant yet simple. It's a blend of textures and eras... A subtle, well-crafted balance of objects and colors that make up Scandinavian homes... Candles adorn the interior windowsills. We experience Hygge in the comfort of our own home, but we can also feel it from the outside as we stroll through a neighborhood. And that's when you feel the magic, the little spark that lights up your heart and warms your soul, even in the depths of the snow.

Hygge in a few words: Pleasure, Comfort, Refuge, Gratitude, Atmosphere, Together, Presence, Equality